The founders of Beach Bum Burlesque have changed the name and upped their game: Bright Waters Burlesque aims to bring back the essence of American burlesque by returning to the genre’s theatrical roots and honoring the aesthetic style of 1920’s and 30s performance art while creating a thoroughly “Rockaway” experience. The name  Bright Waters comes from the roots of “Rockaway” which translates from the original Mohegan as “place of waters bright.” Our show includes costumes and acts inspired by the heyday of boardwalk glam, events crafted around monthly themes, and a performance lineup featuring every consistent unique aspects: Each performance opens with a theatrical immersive act to create audience engagement, an act based on some aspect of Rockaway Beach culture and/or history, and a final act re creating a classic burlesque performance in every possible detail. Bright Waters Burlesque aims to showcase both seasoned New York burlesque performers as well as promising new artists. Bright Waters Burlesque will strive to include local performers and artists when possible.